Ukraine’s industrial capacity

Chemical industry
Chemical enterprises are permanent sources of environmental pollution, in the form of hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, organic solvents, toxic gases, chlorinated and polyaromatic compounds, and persistent organic pollutants. These enterprises extract raw materials and produce mineral fertilisers and polymeric materials.

Practically all the facilities at the former potassium production plant in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, are hazardous for citizens. In addition to the mining dumps for potassium salts, the landfill in Kalush contains about 12,000 tonnes of hexachlorobenzene, which represents a third of all toxic waste in Ukraine.

The war in eastern Ukraine and the significant damage done to the transport infrastructure in Donbass led to the destruction of the coal–coke–metal and coal–electricity production chains.

In 2014, the production of ammonia in Ukraine fell by 30.8 percent, and the production of mineral fertilisers by 36 percent.

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